Welcome to new RARBG

From the heart of our dedicated team, we bring you an affirmation that resonates with our unwavering love for RARBG - we are reviving it, imbuing it with renewed vigor and vitality. The whispers of closure have stirred us, not into retreat, but into action. In this new phase of RARBG, we are dedicated more than ever to keep the flame of this platform alight, ensuring that the legacy of RARBG continues to thrive. Our promise to you, our valued users, is this: we will maintain the good name of RARBG, a beacon in the torrent community, upholding the principles that have made this a trusted platform over the years. Furthermore, we pledge to reignite the torrenting culture, bringing back the sense of community and the spirit of sharing that once made it a phenomenon. We aspire to revive the soul of torrenting, instilling the sense of connection that was at the heart of this experience. In these challenging times, your continued support fuels us. It emboldens us to forge ahead, driven by our shared love for RARBG and the common aspiration to make the torrenting experience come alive again. We appreciate your loyalty, and we are excited about this journey into the future with you. Stand with us as we bring RARBG back, stronger and more vibrant than ever before.

If you feel orphaned, or homeless, don't feel bad you not alone. Most old rarbg torrents are here and we promise you to update everyday with new things always keeping the good name of rarbg, we're almost there!

Thank you
Your new RARBG Team


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